This extremely powerful and transformative last full moon of 2023 gives us the chance to review the lessons of this past year and gain clarity on what needs to be destroyed and left behind as we move forward into a new chapter.

The full moon takes place along the galactic center line and will be at its apex in Ardra Nakshatra, the star known as Betelgeuse, ruled over by Rudra the lord of storms and change. The Sun will be sitting in an equally powerful and destructive Nakshatra called Mula, ruled by Niritti the goddess of destruction. Both the Sun and Moon will align with the galactic center and with their combined transformative forces can create an opportunity to clearly see what needs to be left behind.

Wishing everyone a happy ending to all that harms and a joyful new beginning for all that heals! 🙏⭐️❤️

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