Introduction to Jyotish / Vedic Astrology

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Vedic Astrology, or Jyotisha in Sanskrit, is an ancient spiritual science stemming from the timeless spiritual scriptures of Vedic India, four books known today as The Vedas. The knowledge within the Vedas contain what is known as spiritual scientific technology based on the ultimate reality, or Yoga. A wide array of scientific knowledge on techniques ranging from proper agriculture, medicine, longevity, alchemy, physics, astronomy/astrology, politics, war, life, ritual, purification, self mastery and the ultimate state of self realization are covered in these four texts and their various accessory works. It has been through rigorous study and personal experience which has proven to me the validity and potency of following these spiritual principles. Learn more about the Vedas here….. (add link to Wiki)

According to Vedic philosophy, we are eternal beings who continue to reincarnate on this earthly plain to experience our karmas from previous births made in ignorance of our true nature as Spirit. The Vedas profess that on this earthly plain humans forget their true nature as eternal Spirit, not separate from the whole of existence. It is in this forgetting that our awareness becomes mired in Maya or material illusion, the world of ego. This forgetting of supreme Truth leads us to begin to mistaken our personal egos as the entire universe, and cause us to undertake unseen unenlightened actions. This in turn is what causes us to suffer.

Jyotish, or Vedic Astrology as it’s now commonly known, has been gracefully passed down, through initiation into the spiritual lineage stemming from Sri MahaRishi (great sage) Parashara and carried forward via his various disciples and students throughout the ages. To undertake such a devout endeavor as to begin to study the great Vedas required a spiritual initiation and serious study. None but the Brahmins were to practice this sacred knowledge as they were born into the lineage of the priestly caste whose sole duty it is to carry on the practice of these divine spiritual technologies. Honoring the divine in every task so as it not forsake us even as we forsake it; carrying out unbroken sacred ritual technology from another aeon in time.

Every Veda in itself can take life times to master, and to be adept and all four was rare, yet attainable. Jyotish is considered to be a Vedanga, (or limb of the Vedas), it is the eye of the Vedas. One who studies this is considered to be able to “see”, a Seer if you will. It can also be translated as one who can seek and understand the language of Light itself. What is the source of Light from our limited human perspective? It is no doubt the Sun, our celestial giver of life itself, without which we could not exist. Therefore the Vedas bestow the Status of Divinity to the Sun. Surya (The Sun God) is revered as a King, as the Great Avatara Shri Ram, as our vitality, radiance and soul itself. 

The Vedas are based on the principal of Yoga or Union… That is, we are inherently a part of everything and everything is a part of us. What effects a part, effects the whole, it is all one… we are simply divinity expressing itself in it’s various shapes and forms. Therefore there is nothing which can be observed that does not have some type of affect on us. For example, it is established and known that the waxing and waning of the moon effects the tides, the oceans, our menstrual cycles and our mental and emotional equilibrium.

Each and every planet in our solar system, including the eclipse points, have a particular orbit, pattern, and primordial energy as it reflects and imbues (flavors/transmutes) it’s own divine energetic properties and tendencies within the light it reflects back to us.

There is the famous Vedic saga of ShirSagar when the Devas (gods) and the Rakshasas (demons) churn the celestial ocean of milk (our Milky Way galaxy) in order to get to its pure essence, the nectar of immortality or Amrita. The story is vast and profound, and I will spare repeating it here as it’s easily accessible on the web. But suffice to say this great saga not only produced the Deva Dhanvantri and the subsequent science of Ayurveda (science of life and longevity), but also rendered the celestial planetary incarnations as immortal along with their shadows, bringing forth the Shastra (or divine knowledge) of Time, Space, Light and Karma; collectively known as the Divine Spiritual Science of Jyotisha… the ability to comprehend the Language of Light.

“Do you know where to seek, in order to discover what you need to find?”