In this Vedic Astrology forecast I go over this last New Moon and Mercury Retrograde of the year. It’s a powerful time to revisit the lessons learned and refined our goals for the new year moving forward.

This New Moon takes place in sidereal Scorpio in the potent fixed star of Jyeshta, the eldest sister of Rohini. Jyeshta Nakshatra symbolizes wisdom gleaned from life’s lessons and knowledge of medicines which heal our emotional wounds. This New Moon is further supported by two beneficial planets flanked on either side, Venus and Mercury, acting as a soothing balm for healing through love and understanding versus bitterness or resentment.

Mercury will be stationing retrograde during this New Moon which will greatly aid in our ability to reflect on our ideals and aspirations and make any changes or refinements to our goals. It’s the perfect time to see where we need to alter our course so that we are in alignment with our core values and principles. Use these planetary energies to reflect on this year and create a plan for what you want to accomplish next year. You will be supported in your efforts of revising and refining your mission with clarity and wisdom! I hope you take advantage of this opportunity to clear the slate and create anew…

Wishing you all a beautiful and inspiring New Moon!


* * *

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