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February is going to be a high pressure month with many areas of life coming under scrutiny and pressure to reform and change. Sun is currently combusting Saturn, Jupiter and a retrograde Mercury causing the indications of these planets to be feeling very frustrated and impotent of their power. The result can look like high anxiety, internal irritability, short temperedness and impatience, feelings of impending doom and fear of the unknown, despondency and confusion as to how to effectively move ahead. Sounds like fun, huh? All joking aside, the first half of February can feel this pressure both internally and externally in various aspects of our lives, so be cautious and don’t worry too much about things you can’t control. The energies will start to smooth out during the second half of the month and we will all be able to breathe a bit easier.

The last time we had such a strong and powerful stellium in the sidereal sign of Capricorn was February 1962, a year that we made huge leaps in our collective consciousness by reviewing and revising our cultural values and expanding our minds to be more inclusive of others as well as changing our laws to uphold the civil rights of minorities and women. This year not only started a great change as to how we relate to others along with themes of civil liberties and inclusive values, but it also ushered in an era of exploration of consciousness using eastern esoteric practices along with the use of psychedelic substances. It was the beginning of a great awakening… and this year will mimic those themes in a new way! Exciting times are ahead, but first we must pass through the discomfort and fear of change.

The entire month of February is also a peak time for quieting ourselves and tuning in to deep listening. Using our spiritual practices such as daily routines of silence, we will be better able to drop into our divine and cosmic connection. With major planets in Shravana nakshatra and Rahu in Rohini Nakshatra, we will feel compelled to connect to our higher sources of truth and take guidance from their messages as Moon rules our intuition and subtle mind. Use this time to get closer to those energies which feel like your guardian angels, higher Self or divine sources of wisdom. We will be able to hear their messages more potently than usual this month.

With most planets inside the belly of the Serpent of Time (Kala Sarpa Dosha), the pressure to make changes to your established routines or ways of life can feel rather great. It’s good to adapt to the changing times, however, don’t make any changes hastily or when experiencing fear or confusion. Instead, slow down and try to calm the mind and the nervous system by using breath work, meditation, chanting or any other practice which helps focus your attention within. The energies will culminate on the New Moon on February 11th which will be a great time to do ritual practice for connecting to your inner source and establishing new daily self care habits.

The best way to approach February is to learn how to go with the flow, remember that change is a natural process, learn to adapt and let go of what you can’t control. The more you can relax and turn your attention within, the better you can use this time. Spiritual practice is extremely supported this month, so it’s a great time to start a practice if you don’t have one already. Ultimately we are spiritual beings having a material experience, and this month will help us to remember our true essence.

I hope this report was insightful and of benefit for you. Please feel free to comment and share below as to how you are feeling these energies in your life coming into the first Full Moon of 2021.

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