In this report I speak a bit about the transformational and far reaching results of this upcoming Lunar Eclipse in Purnarvasu Nakshatra. Following the major Solar Eclipse at Christmas time, many of the shifts, upheavals and losses which occurred are now able to be integrated into our awareness and approached with new perspectives. We are supported in taking different paths of actions which can permanently alter the course of our lives if we have the courage to choose the path of growth. The time of implementing the change and taking action is not during the eclipse itself, as the Moon (mind) is obscured by Rahu, but rather in the coming days and weeks which follow. During this eclipse itself it is best to keep the mind calm, centered and balanced in order to receive the divine celestial insights and blessings. Reciting the Mantra, “Om Namah Shivaya” can help to achieve nourishment on the mental level as Lord Shiva is associated with the Moon. If chanted with devotion and focus during the time of the eclipse, it’s positive reverberations will be multiplied and life changing insights manifest.