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Take good care of yourself, your emotional body and your psychic space during the partial Lunar Eclipse happening June 5/6 2020. It is during this Full Moon in sidereal Scorpio when our unconscious samskaras, or karmic tendencies and deep trauma, become illuminated for us to be able to witness, transform and ultimately heal. We all have to suffer the consequences of our unconscious actions, both on a personal and generational level, and these karmas will be illuminated and ripening for us during this intense time.

During times of great change, which eclipses indicate, it’s important to try to remain as balanced and equanimous as possible by reinforcing our spritual practices. One very powerful practice during eclipse time is the chanting and recital of mantras. Meditation and Sangha (like minded community) are especially important at this time.

The planetary energies of the Sun and Venus are also directly activated so the significations of each will be felt. This includes leadership, vitality, confidence, security, relationships, money, vehicles, women, luxury, entertainment, finances and especially HEALTH…!

Mercury will also play an important role as it is the lord of Jyeshta Nakshatra and id currently conjunct with the illusory Rahu creating more confusion and deception when it comes to news, communication and information. Expect the conspiracy theories to go wild and for everyone to have an opinion but no one having the truth!

Mars also adds its energies as it continues to stir up conflict and aggression making it easier to continue projecting our own fears and insecurities onto others. Mars is the lord of Scorpio where this Full Moon takes place. So our vulnerabilities and insecurities can turn into lashing out at others in harsh and cruel ways.

These next few months are going to kick off the changes which will shift the face of our world permanently. Let’s try our best to not take things so seriously or personally and keep our hearts and minds open to new information and possibilities. Forgive others as much as possible and try to remember that everyone is feeling the pressure of the cosmic forces at play.

My next Part 3 video will outline the powerful energies activated in two weeks during the total Solar Eclipse of the Sun. Please stay tuned and thanks for watching!

How are you feeling the energies leading up to this powerful full moon eclipse and other planetary influences in your life? Feel free to share below in the comments along with your feedback and suggestions!
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