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In this Vedic astrology report I go over the intense emotional energy surrounding this Full Moon happening in Sidereal Sagittarius in the Nakshatra of Mula on June 24th.
Mula Nakshatra sits directly over our galactic center and signifies the root of our consciousness. As it is ruled by Ketu, it has a tendency to churn up our past so that we may review our actions. During this intense Full Moon we can see our faulty past actions which can bring up feelings of remorse and regret. This in turn can shake our confidence in being able to build a successful future. We can feel anxiety, sadness, exhaustion and defeated. Try to not take these feelings to heart and instead look at them, own them and see how you can do better moving forward. If intense feelings come up to the surface, let them be expressed so that they may be cleared instead of suppressed. Remember that you are only human and that we all make mistakes. Try to use what comes up to help you shape a brighter future. And most importantly, please forgive yourself and be thankful for what you are being shown. After all, it’s through owning up to our mistakes can we grow and improve in life! I am wishing everyone a very insightful and illuminating Full Moon!

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