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I begin this Vedic Astrology report by saying Happy Equinox everyone! I speak about the significance of Equinox and some practices and exercises which can help us be in tune with the cosmic energy of balance and harmony. Along with the Equinox we will have the half moon symbolizing the perfect balance of the polar energies of Siva and Sakti. It’s a great time to practice analom-vilom pranayama to bring our internal energies into balance, as well as begin any type of cleansing program both for our bodies as well as our homes.

On the planetary level we have an exalted and combust Venus in Pisces which indicates a time to connect to our inner divinity and soon we will also have Jupiter changing signs, moving into sidereal Aquarius… but more on that in my next video! Exciting and uplifting times are in store, so be sure to take stock of how far you have come and plan for great things in the near future! I am wishing you all a very happy and harmonious Equinox wherever you may be!

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To see more clearly as to where and how these energies may affect you on a personal level, please feel free to schedule a Vedic Astrology session with me. I will be happy to have a look at your own, personal Vedic birth chart (or ‘Kundali’), to help you see where in your life you may be feeling the impact of the current planetary energies.

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