In this Vedic Astrology video I go over the energies at play for this very prosperous and playful Full Moon happening in the sidereal sign of Leo in the Nakshatra of Purva Phalguni. I also speak a bit about the grand festival of color known as Holi, as well as Lakshmi Jayanti, or the day to celebrate the great Goddess of Wealth and abundance; both happening under this most benefic Full Moon.

Purva Phalguni represents the marital bed so feeling or longing for union, connection, playfulness and joy will be felt. It’s the star of creation, so you may feel very inspired under this Moons influence as well. The deity of this Nakshatra is Bhaga, who also represents conjugal bliss and prosperity… so you may feel like you want to work with another in order to create something bigger and more impactful then you could do alone.

The other side of this Full Moon energy is one of purification and a returning to your true nature of love, joy and innocence… almost becoming child-like again. The themes of forgiveness, understanding and moving forward in the heart are highlighted and supported. This is the perfect Full Moon to get ready to start any type of a cleanse, whether it be for your home and environment, as well as for your body and psyche… The planetary energies will be in full support.

On this Full Moon we will be celebrating the Festival of Color or “Holi” as it is known in India. In popular culture this festival symbolizes the beginning of spring and the blooming of nature when everyone comes out to throw brightly colored powders on each other to enjoy community and celebrate love. However the deeper spiritual significance of this festival is the return of dharma and the triumph of the righteous over the immoral. Its significance is again that of purity and devotion to the divine as Holika gets burned while the devout Prahlad comes through the trial by fire. Purification and surrender to the divine are the main themes for this Full Moon and also for the coming weeks ahead.

It will also be Lakshmi Jayanti on this Full Moon or the day that the Great Goddess of Wealth and Prosperity appeared from the ocean of milk during the legendary Samudra Manthana. This Full Moon is one where we can shower Goddess Lakshmi with our gratitude and pray for her continued grace to be in our lives.

I hope you enjoyed and derived some benefit from this Vedic Full Moon report! I am wishing everyone a rejuvenating Full Moon and Joyous Holi/Spring celebration! Please feel free to comment below as to how these energies are manifesting in your life and as always, please like, subscribe and share these videos if you feel to! I appreciate your continued viewership and support!


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