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Vedic Astrology Full Moon Report for May 7, 2020:

This beautiful full Moon in Vishaka Nakshatra embodies the energy of liberation and illumination. In India it is known as Buddha Purnima or Gautam Purnima, the day the Buddha himself was liberated from worldly suffering and realized Nirvana. It brings to us the energy of insight and awakening. Vishaka Nakshatra shows us divergent paths, at the end of one of these paths is the Victory Archway you shall triumphantly walk through once the correct path is wisely chosen from illumination and understanding.

A few days after this full moon, the moon will be passing through the karmic Gandanta point between sidereal Scorpio and Sagittarius activating the solar eclipse energies from December 25, 2019. You may find some karmic event unfolding on the emotional level to further help clarify which fork in the road needs to be taken.

Keep in mind we are also under the heavy influence of three stationary planets about to turn retrograde; Saturn, Venus and Jupiter. Don’t be surprised if you feel like your efforts in stepping forward are at a standstill. Take these next few months to review and revise your skills, routines and habits so that once the planets begin moving forward, you are prepared and ready to go! Use this time to begin laying the ground work for future victory; just don’t act until your receive full insight and clarity into what needs doing.

What have you realized and now know to be your righteous path of purpose?

What will it entail to begin stepping forward on this path to become victorious in your purpose?

Begin movement towards your purpose once your receive the clarity to choose the right direction for yourself.

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How are you feeling the energies of this Full Moon?

To see more clearly as to where and how these energies may affect you on a personal level, please schedule a session with me. I will be happy to look at your own Personal Vedic Chart (or ‘Kundali’), to help you see where in your life you may be feeling the impact of the current planetary energies.

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