Visionary Veda – Vedic Astrology Report


In this Vedic Astrology report I go over the energies at play for this incredibly powerful Full Moon Eclipse happening in Moon’s debilitation sign of Scorpio. This will be the last Ketu caused eclipse falling in Scorpio for the next 18 years (there will be a Rahu caused eclipse in this sign in another 9 years, but the effects are different from Ketu). It is also the Full Moon known as Buddha Purnima, or the Moon under which the Buddha attained Enlightenment.

For those who have been working on sharpening their awareness, this Full Moon can bring many things up from deep with our unconscious psyches, in order to become aware of and be given the opportunity to shift. These may be thoughts and beliefs you have held for several years, yet were completely unaware of until it gets somehow triggered during this Eclipse portal. Welcome this revelation, as what we are unaware of can control us. And once we become aware of it, we can then consciously choose to perceive differently.

This Moon holds tremendous transformative power, but first it can be painfully triggering and emotionally unstable. This is the best full moon to be like the Buddha and practice spiritual sadhana in order to remain balanced within the turmoil.

* * *

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