Four major planetary conjunctions happening now until the next few days, along with a very powerful full moon can have us all feeling a little anxious and uneasy.

Currently Mars is joining with Rahu in sidereal Pisces while Moon has just moved into sidereal Virgo to join the headless Ketu. We also have the Sun combusting both Jupiter (exact) as well as Venus! With so many planetary aspects happening all at once, we can expect to feel a lot of intensity on all fronts!

With the Rahu/Mars conjunction, Look out for abrupt outbursts of anger or frustration as well as accidents and sudden illness. Do not be surprised if you are not able to think clearly or logically. Beware of aggression or violent incidents on the world stage. There can also be an increase in water related storms and natural disasters.

With the Jupiter/Sun/Venus combustions, see how you can restructure and purify these areas of your internal life, such as your relationship to finances or resources. Jupiters purification processes can help guide us with our internal growth and development.

A few days after these conjunctions we will have an incredibly powerful and transformative full moon in sidereal Scorpio which will help us to take all the necessary steps to create positive changes and transform our lives.

I hope you enjoy this video where I discuss these transits in further detail. Wishing everyone a very powerful and positive time of transformation and growth!


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