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In this Vedic Astrology Video I go over the energies surrounding this beautiful supermoon in the sidereal sign of Scorpio in the Nakshatra of Jyeshta, as well as the other important planetary influences at play (Saturn Retrograde in sidereal Aquarius and Venus conjunct Rahu in sidereal Aries).

This Full moon can illuminate for us the places we which need healing in order for us to completely transform, however this realization can come in the form of a painful lesson or reminder from the past. The area of the sky in which this full moon takes place is directly upon the Scorpion’s stinger signifying the possibility of a bitter reaction or reminder. Take direction from lord Shiva as he did not swallow the HalaHala (cosmic poison) yet held it in his throat in order to contain its affects. Be prepared to see where in your life you are being called upon to transmute and transform what appears to be poison in order to reveal the true message and healing underneath.

Along with this Full Moon we also have a tight conjunction of Venus with Rahu which drastically heightens desire of all sorts. Whether it’s desire for name, fame, luxury, looks, sex or money; every signification of what is under the rule of planet Venus gets intensified. Be especially aware of inappropriate liaisons or getting enamored by something which may not be what it seems or can disappoint you in the long run. Venus changes signs and moves into Taurus on the 18th.

And last but never least, we have the karmic planet Saturn moving retrograde since June 4th. In the last ten days or so you may have been coming up against some old stories, behaviors, interactions and patterns which need reevaluation in order to shift and make progress on in order to clear out. This short stay of Saturn in the sidereal sign of Aquarius has given us a snapshot into what’s in store for us starting next year. But for now we need to go back and tie up all loose ends which can keep us from moving full speed ahead once the time is right. Notice these old karmic habits and patterns and resolve to do better the next time it comes up for view.

This is the perfect Full Moon to see what exactly is holding us back and hurting our progress and hold it without judgement in order for it to reveal its lessons. Once the lesson is learned we can continue with our transformation and step into our new lives carrying a lighter load. Wishing everyone a very illuminating and healing Full Moon!

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