Visionary Veda – Vedic Astrology Report


In this Vedic Astrology report I cover the most important planetary transits coming up for these last two weeks of October. We will be experiencing the direct motion of the planet Saturn after a very long retrograde period along with a very powerful partial solar eclipse on the day of Diwali or Festival of Light.

This eclipse will be occurring in the sidereal sign of Libra with a highly combust and afflicted Venus in the Nakshatra of Swati (ruled by Vayu or the wind itself).

During this eclipse it is best to remain flexible and not become too rigid or react too quickly to any surprising situations regarding finances or relationships or any other Venusian themes.

Whatever actions or decisions are made during this time can have long lasting effects due to Saturn being in its stationary phase. It is not recommended to start anything new during this time and better to ride these energies out. It is the best time to rely on our spiritual practices and do any kind of internal and/or external purification. Cleansing and prayer are particularly potent during this time.

The planetary indications point to a rather challenging time period on several fronts. We may experience upheavals in the markets along with the possibility of aggression and war escalating… however, we must not fear and do our best to stay grounded and centered during the celestial stormy weather. As with anything, it’s important to remember that “this too shall pass” and continue on our journey of personal growth and evolution. Wishing all a very happy Diwali and new beginnings. May your inner light continue to shine bright!

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