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In this Vedic astrology report I go over the energies of one of the most auspicious and illustrious Full Moons of the entire year, known as Sharada Purnima. Also known as the moon of fulfillment and abundance, it is closely associated with the Goddess Lakshmi who is the bestower of all that is beneficial, benevolent, luxurious, opulent, gracious and good. She rules the realms of wealth, beauty, finances and the unconditional giving of love.

This moon falls in the equally soft and benevolent Nakshatra or fixed star known as Revati. Revati is the last Nakshatra in the zodiac and denotes a great completion. Hence this Moon is one where we can truly let go of anything holding us back from achieving our highest soul desire. Pushan is the deity who presides over Revati and he symbolizes the kind and loving shepherd who guides his flock home. Therefore this moon is one where we can truly turn to the divine source for guidance in how to actualize our highest spiritual potentials.

Opposing this Full Moon we have the Sun with a very strong exalted Mercury. It’s a great time to utilize this strong Mercury to take stock of all the details leading us up to this point in our lives. We can use the Mercurian quality of sharp discernment and discrimination to clearly examine the areas of our lives that need evolving or resolving in a very practical way. This Full Moon conjunct Jupiter (Gaja Kesari Yoga) will help give us the fortitude to overcome these obstacles and clear our path forward.

This is a wonderful Full Moon under which writing out our hopes and aspirations along with ritual of letting go of that which holds us back can be especially powerful and potent. We can step further along this path with the next full moon falling in sidereal Aries along with the eclipses… but more on that to come! Stay tuned, stay blessed and enjoy the life my friends! Wishing everyone a beautiful and bountiful Sharada Purnima!


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