During this time we could be feeling mentally confused as to which direction to take in our lives as well as feeling depleted energetically as well as emotionally. Sun is in its sign of debility along with Ketu and combust Mercury and Mars can leave us feeling off kilter in our relationships, as if we are receiving the shorter end of the stick. may relationship issues can come to a head right now and quite a few may fall apart at this time. Remember that if anyone leaves your life at this time, it is because their karma with you has come to completion. Bless the experience and let them go with love.

For the next few days do not make any big life decisions due to the eclipse clouding our judgements. Two days after the eclipses, the nodes will change signs and move into sidereal Pisces and Virgo signifying a huge shift in our goals. Then on November 4th Saturn will station direct and Venus will move into her sign of debility. Take care around themes of communication and aggression, especially concerning relationships and diplomacy with others.

During the lunar eclipse itself it is best to go within and connect to our inner source and guidance. Any spiritual practice or meditation during this time gets amplified. If you can gather a group of friends or associates to meditate together or pray for peace it can have major reverberations in the world. Together we can collectively heal ourselves and our planet. We have the power… We Are One! Wishing everyone a blessed and empowering Full Moon Lunar Eclipse. May we be the change!

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