EDIT: Ketu is in zero degrees Libra almost in 30 degrees Virgo, I misspoke and stated 30 degrees Libra. My apologies.’ In this vedic astrology forecast I go over the energies of this powerful solar eclipse happening on October 14th as well as the beginning of the 9 nights of the mother goddess known as Navaratri. I also speak about the end of Pitru Paksha and importance of honoring our ancestors. These two upcoming weeks are very powerful for bringing in great changes and restructuring our lives for the better.

This powerful Annular Solar Eclipse on October 14th takes place on the cusp on Sidereal Virgo and Libra, with Ketu sitting in zero degrees Libra and the Sun and Moon at 27 degrees Virgo, yet all are in the Nakshatra of Chitra (Spica). Chitra nakshatra is lorded by Mars and it’s deity is Vishvakarma, or the Celestial architect, giving us the opportunity to restructure and rebuild our lives and reap the good merits of our actions.

During this eclipse portal we have the ability to put good works into action as well as embody the change we are seeking to be reflected in the outer world. The significations of both Libra and Virgo will be eclipsed, as well as those of both the Sun and Moon. Diplomacy, relationships, the market place, food, crops, purity, innocence, our practical thoughts, our leadership and our mental/emotional thoughts and feelings can be severely disturbed.

It’s not a good time to start anything new or make impulsive decisions. Our speech can be harsh (mercury is exalted yet combust and involved with the eclipse) and we may later regret what we say or any rash actions we take under distress, anger or frustration, (Mars is highlighted as its the lord of Chitra where the eclipse takes place). However, we can initiate good deeds, harness the transformational energies through prayer and meditation and come together in our hearts in order to bring about healing and transformation within and without.

In my Vedic Astrology video report I go over what to do and not to do during this eclipse portal, as well as which Mantras are good to chant during the eclipse in order to harness the transformational energies available to us as well as to sublimate the disturbing ones. I also speak about the final days of Pitru Paksha and how we can still honor and venerate our ancestors so that we may heal any ancestral traumas and free ourselves from ancestral debts. Lastly I cover the significance of the nine nights of the Great Mother Goddess commencing the day after the eclipse. These are very powerful days in which we can call upon the Great Mother Goddess for healing and protection while we endeavor to overcome our own personal demons of greed, anger, lust, jealousy and so on. These so called “demons” are simply tamasic or darker aspects of our own human nature, and by overcoming them within we can transform reality without. Be the Change. We are one.

I hope you all take advantage of these powerful and transformative energies which this eclipse brings and use them to elevate our consciousness and bring about positive change in our lives and in the world. Blessed be.

I hope you enjoyed and derived some benefit from this Vedic report! I am wishing everyone an auspicious Solar Eclipse! Please feel free to comment below as to how these energies are manifesting in your life and as always, please like, subscribe and share these videos if you feel to! I appreciate your continued viewership and support!  

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