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To recap the important days this month, here is a very brief outline. Starting Sept 1st Venus moves in Cancer which leaves it wanting to nurture and connect in deep emotional ways with our important relationships, but don’t be surprised if there is some aversion to your intentions as both mars and Saturn are aspecting Venus here. Mercury goes into his own exalted sign of Virgo the next day along with the full Moon in sidereal Aquarius September 2nd which can cause communications with others to become quite precise, exacting and can feel emotionally critical when being received. Try to stay objective and look at where there is truth in the message.

Mars will station retrograde and begin it motion back toward Pisces on September 9th, be aware of your temper and also that of others. Individuality and the need to prove something to others can come up. Try to see how to turn this aggression into lessons you can apply for healing instead of reacting to the intensity of the message! A few days later Jupiter will station direct and begin moving forward in it’s own sign of Sagittarius which can bring heated debates as to what is deemed as righteous and just regarding our moral and ethical belief systems as well as our laws. Except things to have a more dogmatic religious tone to its expression. The fire trines will be fully activated until the middle of the month which highlights our collective Dharma, so the righteous way of life according to our higher principals and values for the greater good of the collective. Many people will have a very individual approach and we can easily clash with self centered interests and larger than life egos. The best use of this time is to see where it is in yourself that you are being egotistic and somewhat stubborn in your ideologies!

Sun will shift into Virgo to meet an exalted Mercury after the 15th. Here we may be receiving directives from authorities and possible agendas and plans from our leaders as to how to move forward. Areas highlighted will center around purity (hygiene), rules (procedures), and food (farming and storage).

Another very power transit this month is the North Node (Rahu) and South Node (Ketu) changing signs. This will be an impactful shift closing out the major cycle of karmic lessons and moving towards rebuilding ourselves starting with our basic psychological and material structures. We will examine what changes we need to make to achieve a sense of balance here. I will dedicate a separate video to go over this upcoming transit of the Nodes during the 3rd week of September. Stay Tuned!

And last but not least at the end of the month we have Saturn, the karmic planet of time and limitations, obstacles and delays moving forward in its own sign of Capricorn. Those of us who have been feeling stagnant will start to feel forward momentum by next month! More on this in another video!

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