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In this video I speak about the upcoming Total Solar Eclipse and the energies which will be affecting us on both a personal as well as on a global level.

I decided to make this video last minute as I have been feeling the energies of both Saturn and Jupiter intertwining and getting stronger on many levels.

Starting tonight Saturn and Jupiter enter what is known as a Yudha or ‘planetary war’ where each energy will try to overcome the other and influence our psyches. Saturn will try to keep us bound to our karmas and old ways of being so that we remain within the confines of our past and repeat our mistakes. Jupiter will try to uplift us and give us a higher perspective of ourselves so that we may be inspired to make the right efforts toward change through the grace of awakened awareness. Jupiter will have a more difficult time cutting through the tamasic nature of both Saturn and of Capricorn, so we can aid in this effort by practicing self-reflection, forgiveness, tolerance, acceptance and loving kindness toward ourselves and others. We can strive to see the wholeness of the situation instead of breaking things down into us versus them duality. We can turn to our spiritual guides, gurus and practices in order to stay open to insights and guidance that the great benefic Jupiter wants to bring us. But we also must do our work in processing how the external is a reflection of our internal and discern what that means to each of us individually.

This is a different type of video than I usually make. I hope you find these insights to be helpful. Please feel free to comment and share if you feel inspired by these messages. In the end we are nothing but a reflection of each other. May we seek the light in everything and recognize the divine grace behind it all. I am another YOU. Wishing all a blessed return toward the light! Jai Guru Dev!

* * *

Thank you for watching! Questions and comments are most welcome.

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