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This year closes out with a very powerful and intense Full Moon happening in Ardra Nakshatra (also known as Betelgeuse) which is the star of storms and can ignite emotional storms as well as actual stormy weather.

With Venus conjuncting Ketu in Scorpio it adds to the emotional and psychological factors, heightening the intensity and can leave us feeling somewhat separate and confused with what might be occurring around us.

Allow old psychological patterns to be destroyed, allow yourself to let go of the unhealthy habits, people, places you have been holding onto for some sense of belonging and let the storm clear your way forward! It’s an extremely intense Moon, but if we learn to trust the process and realize that it’s not a personal affront, but a cosmic counsel assisting us, then we can dance and rejoice for the new found freedom which lies ahead!

Allow yourself to grieve, allow yourself to feel, allow yourself to cry and shed the pain of what you once thought was meaningful. In this process we can realize that our soul (Self) is what’s most important and nothing that comes or goes can possibly ever define it (you). We are being blessed by this realization, and even though destruction can be a painful process, we can honor our pain, we can honor our past, we can honor the process and most importantly, we can honor what is left.

This is a beautiful Full Moon in which to do a ritual or a clearing or a blessing of what has once been. Thank it, honor it and surrender it to the divine. Know that the path will be shown and a new chapter is waiting to be written!

I am wishing everyone an enlightening and cleansing Full Moon and a blessed new beginning with the year! Thank you so much for your viewership and your support! I hope my work is of benefit to you.

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