Visionary Vedic Astrology Report
April 6, 2020


This Full Moon in Chitra Nakshtra gives us the opportunity to redesign and construct our lives moving forward. With three planets in Capricorn and Venus in her home sign of Taurus, the emphasis here is on our Mother Earth and nature itself. Venus puts the spotlight on our health and the economy while Saturn emphasizes service towards the collective. What can we do to see our truths clearly? What actions can we put into practice in order to design the type of future we wish to create? How do you see or feels these energies manifesting in your life? I will be happy to create more interesting content based on viewer input and feedback! Thank you to those who have liked, subscribed and shared my videos! I appreciate the support very much! You make the effort worthwhile! Thanks again and Happy Full Moon!

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How are you feeling the energies of this Full Moon?

To see more clearly as to where and how these energies may affect you on a personal level, please schedule a session with me. I will be happy to look at your own Personal Vedic Chart (or ‘Kundali’), to help you see where in your life you may be feeling the impact of the current planetary energies.

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