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Hi friends! In this Vedic Astrology video I go over the major planetary energies at play for this very exciting and energetic month of April. There is a lot of movement and change happening in the celestial sky, with Jupiter taking the lead by changing signs and moving into sidereal Aquarius. We have Mars changing signs and finally breaking the Kala Sarpa Yoga, and Venus will come out of combustion and we will see her again as the evening star! I also explain the great cosmic creation story in this video (in brief) and how it all ties in with the oldest and largest spiritual gathering on Earth – the great Kumbha Mela!

Jupiter moves into the sidereal sign of Aquarius on April 5/6th leaving its debilitation sign of Capricorn for the next five months. We will all experience this shift in energy as a rebirth and a move from the personal toward the collective. We will feel compelled to reach out and share our lessons and gifts with our greater community and tribe. Look for great forward strides to happen in the realm of consciousness expansion, deeper human connection, space exploration and scientific innovation. Aquarius in Saturn’s Moolatrikona sign, so major movements toward human/civil rights, workers right and helping the needy will also take place. Jupiter will retrograde back into the sign of Capricorn for a couple of months starting in September, but we are blessed to enjoy its ingress into Aquarius for the entire summer season! It’s going to feel like a resurgence of hope and happiness and humanity! Enjoy this time – we all deserve it!

Mars conjoined Rahu during this last full Moon in March and has now passed Rahu and is heading toward the sign of Gemini, finally breaking the intense Kala Sarpa Yoga/Dosha that has been plaguing us since December of last year. Mars will enter the sidereal sign of Gemini on the same day that Sun enters its exaltation sign of Aries making this energetic shift felt even stronger! Shortly after that, Venus will appear again as the twinkling evening star in our sky after being combust for almost three months! It is said that once a planet comes out from combustion with the Sun it is now purified and its energies can shine brighter and more powerfully upon us! So by the middle of April we should all be bouncing with renewed joy, hope and love. We will be seeking to connect and relate to others in ways that are beneficial and feel good for us all. We will fall in love with life all over again!

Lastly, in this video I discuss briefly the relationship of Jupiter’s ingress into Aquarius and how it relates to the great Kumbha Mela festival in India as well as the great cosmic creation story of the Kshira Sagara (the churning of the great ‘Ocean of Milk’).

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