Visionary Vedic Astrology Report
April 21, 2020



In this report I speak about the energies surrounding this upcoming New Moon happening on the same day as Earth Day, April 22nd 2020. I also cover the most auspicious day of the year called “Akshaya Tritiya” and give an overview of the planetary placements for the rest of April and moving into May 2020.

The spotlight is on our inner health, strength and vitality as the new moon will take place in the nakshatra of Ashwini. We still have Venus in her sidereal sign of Taurus indicating money and wealth and Rahu moves out of Ardra nakshatra into Mrigashirsha nakshatra hopefully giving us a break from the current stormy atmosphere of upheaval. What seeds can you plant to invigorate and bolster your inner strength? What intentions can we sow in order to keep our mental health strong and stable? How can we support others through setting positive examples through our actions?

I will be happy to create more interesting content based on viewer input and feedback. Thank you to those who have liked, subscribed and shared my videos. I appreciate the support very much! You make the effort worthwhile! Thanks again and Happy New Moon!

* * *

How are you feeling the energies of this New Moon?

To see more clearly as to where and how these energies may affect you on a personal level, please schedule a session with me. I will be happy to look at your own Personal Vedic Chart (or ‘Kundali’), to help you see where in your life you may be feeling the impact of the current planetary energies.

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