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In this video I review the planetary energies of the great conjunction between benefic Jupiter and malefic Saturn, exact on the night of Solstice, December 21 2020.

This conjunction denotes a struggle between our highest aspirations (Jupiter) and our old karmic habit patterns (Saturn) which hold us back. It’s the right time to set intentions which can lead us on our dharmic path forward toward greater fulfillment for our lives. The last time this conjunction took place in the sidereal sign of Capricorn was in 1961, a year that marked a great cultural shift in our society with the birth of the hippie peace movement against government and military involvement in the Vietnam war.

Pluto will also be exactly at zero degrees sidereal Capricorn during this great conjunction which indicates a major shift in those areas which Capricorn rules. Capricorn signifies the masses, democracy, hard work and the labor class. It also signifies old established authority and structures. The last time Pluto was at this exact point was on Solstice, December 21, 1772 marking the beginning stages of the American Revolution. (The following year was the infamous Boston Tea Party protesting unfair taxation policies from the English rulership).

There are several other planetary return cycles indicating major changes during the rest of the month of December 2020, closing out one of the most dramatic and strange years of this millennium (so far). This includes the Total Solar eclipse taking place tomorrow December 14th 2020, which also took place in the same sign in 2002 after 9/11, reflecting a similar fear in our collective psyches coming into play moving forward. Sun and Mercury will be crossing the highly volatile Gandanta zone which is over our galactic center, so issues around leadership and communication can go through some upheavals. We will also have Mar crossing the highly unstable Gandanta zone between Pisces and Aries on December 24th which could possibly give rise to natural disasters including fires, floods and volcanic eruptions or it can indicate some type of military action and agendas. The rest of December may have a lot of turbulent energies, so stay centered and stable and do not feed the fears! 

Here is the link to the last Major Solar Eclipse YouTube video I made in December of last year. Check it out

Happy New Moon and Solar Eclipse to everyone!

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