Visionary Vedic Astrology Report



In this Vedic astrology video I cover the energies at play during this beautiful Full Moon on January 28, 2021 in Pushya Nakshatra as well as Mercury retrograde starting on January 30th. Please like, share and subscribe if you feel this information to be helpful.

This Full moon highlights our needs to take responsibility for our well being and nourish ourselves. Self care will be in focus as well and the disciplines needed to keep the momentum. We will be able to reflect as to what we need by listening deeply to our inner voices and taking direction from our intuition. During this Moon phase it’s important to be able to discern what is our directive and what comes from others. Others can have an objective view, but no one other than ourselves can really know what is best for us. It’s important to consider both, but take the steps according to our soul’s true calling.

I hope this report was insightful and of benefit for you. Please feel free to comment and share below as to how you are feeling these energies in your life coming into the first Full Moon of 2021.

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