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In this Vedic astrology report I speak about the regenerative energies of this beautiful New Moon happening on July 9/10th in the sidereal sign of Gemini in the Nakshatra of Punarvasu. Punarvasu is a beautiful and fertile nakshatra which is lorded by the deity Aditi, the great Mother Goddess. Aditi represents Mother Earth as well as light itself. She is the Great Primordial Goddess of the Adityas, or the gods of creation. She rules over wealth, abundance, diversity, growth, cosmic speech, light, the sky and the earth, as well as the past, present and future.

This New Moon is a wonderful opportunity to connect with this great Mother Goddess within ourselves and introspect as to how we can embody her energies of abundance, creation and light in our own lives. Jupiter, the planetary lord of Punarvasu, is also aspecting this New Moon from the sign of Aquarius lending its beneficial influence of luck, prosperity and growth to this new beginning. It sits in the Nakshatra of Shatabhishak which indicates healing in some new or revolutionary way. Mercury, the lord of Gemini, is sitting with this New Moon in its own sign giving us the ability to communicate clearly with each other as well as adding a curiosity and willingness to explore new ways of relating and resolving conflict. Venus and Mars have been together for several weeks now in the sign of Cancer where Mars gets debilitated.

Beware of emotions feeling frustrated and moods being grumpy. Saturn opposes this conjunction and can lend its practical influence to help resolve emotional conflicts and misunderstandings. All in all this is a very gentle yet power New Moon of positive beginnings. It’s a great time to start something new which can be nourishing and nurturing for you and in turn benefit those around you. I hope you make the best use of these energies to heal and grow in your lives! Wishing everyone a beautiful new beginning and a very happy and fulfilling New Moon! Check out my July Vedic Astrology report here: and thanks so much for watching. I hope these videos are of benefit to you!

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