In this Vedic Astrology video I go over the energies at play for this very auspicious and gracious Full Moon happening in the sidereal sign of Sagittarius, in the Nakshatra of Purva Ashada. This is also the Full Moon known as Guru Purnima and the perfect Moon under which to connect with divine cosmic guidance as well as illuminating your own inner wisdom.

Any questions or confusion you may have been feeling over the last month or so while both Mars and Venus have been in the watery, emotional sign of Cancer can now receive clarity. Venus will be retrograding later in the month of July, so you can take your time now to get clear on what it is you would like to both give and get in your relationships – this includes all of your important relationships, whether they are romantic, work related, family or close friendships. In general, this Moon will lend its guiding light so that you can make the best decisions for yourself as well as others moving forward. I hope you enjoyed and derived some benefit from this Vedic Full Moon report! I am wishing everyone an auspicious Full Moon and Joyous Guru Purnima!

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