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In this video I review the planetary energies at play on this upcoming solar eclipse happening on the Solstice. Mercury will be sitting in his own sign with Rahu and Sun/Moon bringing more confusing and misleading information when communicating. Commerce can take a big hit as well as media, news and other outlets of information. Venus retrograde keeps us aware of reform needed around the themes of value, money, relationships, pleasure, wealth and health. Saturn retrograding with Jupiter keeps the pulse on established order, ethics, authority and laws. The people (Saturn) and working class will make demands of fairness and seek acknowledgement. Backlash from old fanatic religious institutions may take place.

Last December we had the intense solar eclipse taking place in Mula Nakshatra which kicked off the current events of this year. Now the solar eclipse takes place in the opposite sign of Gemini in Mrigashirsha Nakshatra indicating a softer more timid approach with things to come. Yet, it can show fear and worry, as well as preparedness to flee. The fact that we have many planets in their own signs also softens the effects of this upcoming eclipse.

Mars will be giving his fourth aspect to the eclipse which lends a more aggressive energy and can cause major disruptions around communication. There can be a possibility of media take over or more control over media outlets. Anger, aggression and disruption around the theme of reform and policy will also be highlighted.

The rest of this year appears to be riddled with escalating tensions, demands of reform as well as the very strong possibility of an intense second wave from the CV virus and another possible lock down.

The best advice for this eclipse is to cultivate your inner spiritual light, stay centered and grounded within your inner source, try to keep a balanced perspective on things and don’t react. Things will be getting worse before they get better, so the best option at times like these is to take the noble path to wholeness and connect to source energy, which in turn will give you the proper guidance and protection when needed. During times of great change, which eclipses indicate, it’s important to try to remain as balanced and equanimous as possible by reinforcing our spiritual practices. One very powerful practice during eclipse time is the chanting and recital of mantras. Meditation and Sangha (like minded community) are especially important at this time.

These next few months are going to kick off the changes which will shift the face of our world permanently. Let’s try our best to not take things so seriously or personally and keep our hearts and minds open to new information and possibilities. Forgive others as much as possible and try to remember that everyone is feeling the pressure of the cosmic forces at play.

How are you feeling the energies leading up to this powerful new moon eclipse and other planetary influences in your life?

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