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In this Vedic Astrology report I speak about the New Moon on March 13th which follows the big night of Maha Shivaratri, celebrated on the night of March 11th. The energy of this New Moon cycle can be a bit intense and depleting, which is why these spiritual festivals happen at these times. When the cosmic energies can be difficult for us to handle, it’s the perfect time to give it up to God and recharge our spiritual batteries!

The new moon falls in the Nakshatra of Purva Bhadrapada in sidereal Aquarius and is symbolized by the front two legs of a funeral cot. During these few dark moon days we can be feeling emotionally and physically depleted and ready to put things at rest and welcome some endings in our lives. We can also receive a flash of divine insight as to what needs doing in order to renew our energies and begin a new path forward.

After a day or two of this new moon, Sun along with the moon, are moving into the sidereal sign of Pisces where the theme of letting go will deepen as well as a feeling of being connected to higher, more divine energies. Venus will follow a few days later, moving into her exaltation sign yet being combust for the rest of this month. This can show a breakdown of Venusian significations externally, but can also reinforce our internal connection and love to our spiritual source, which is what can help us get through major life changes and challenges.

Mars is currently transiting through sidereal Taurus where it will conjoin with Rahu toward the end of the month. This combination can bring aggravation and intensity around our values and monetary security. This month into the next is where fluctuations in monetary markets can occur. There might even be some type of initiation of war or aggressive policies in order to keep the economy stable. Martian energy tends to be exponentially agitated by the presence of Rahu, so be aware and stay as grounded and stable as possible when dealing with conflicts.

This new moon is the time to let go and let God. Trust the divine unfolding and stay centered with our internal connection to source!
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