This mystical full moon is falling in the sidereal sign of Pisces in the nakshatra of Uttarabhadrapada which is lorded over by the great celestial serpent of the depths, Ahir Bhudhnya. It is the energy of diving deep into our subconscious minds and facing whatever blocks we may be unaware of within our psyches that have been stopping us from breaking free and blossoming into our greatest potential. This full moon is the perfect time to dream, imagine and create our lives anew. The energies will support us in transforming ourselves to reflect our highest ideals. The symbol of Uttarabhadrapada is the back legs of a funeral cot illustrating what needs to die or dissolve in order for us to move into a new chapter of life.

Sun and Mars are opposing this full moon in the sidereal sign of Virgo giving us the strength, courage and clarity to let go and let die those aspects of our being that are holding us back. Use these energies wisely to lighten your load and clear your psychic slate… make room for your dreams to become your reality!

This full moon also marks the beginning of Pitru Paksha or the 15 days of honoring our ancestors. During this fortnight we pay our respects and share our gratitude for those who have come before us in order for our lives to exist. It is a potent time to heal ancestral karma and appease our forefathers so they may support us in this new chapter of growth. Pitru Paksha will end at the new moon solar eclipse signaling a karmic time of transformation and change.

There are many planetary shifts occurring directly after this full moon which will aid us in establishing a new way of being in the world. On Oct 1st Mercury moves into Virgo, its exaltation sign, helping us to explore practical ways of making the changes we need in life. Then on Oct 2nd Venus crosses the gandanta zone and shifts from Cancer to Leo helping us to take responsibility for the way we show up in our relationships. The next day on Oct 3rd Mars changes signs from Virgo to Libra and conjoins Ketu triggering an impulse of power propelling us forward. Please look out for my October 2023 vedic astrology forecast going over all these shifts and more!

Lastly there will be a solar and lunar eclipse happening in October marking the end of the Rahu/Ketu axis in Aries and Libra respectively. On Oct 31st Rahu and Ketu change signs and move into Pisces and Virgo. For the entire month of October Rahu will be in the gandanta zone and many karmic events can take place.

The rest of the month moving into November will be a time of great shifts and changes… enjoy the ride and enjoy the life! Allow the energies to reshape your reality and trust it’s for your best!

I hope you enjoyed and derived some benefit from this Vedic Full Moon report! I am wishing everyone an auspicious Full Moon! Please feel free to comment below as to how these energies are manifesting in your life and as always, please like, subscribe and share these videos if you feel to! I appreciate your continued viewership and support!  

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